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Storage - Process Manager  
Overview: Storage Specialist is responsible for implement, configure, maintain and troubleshoot zSeries & iSeries storage.

Position requirement  
Experience in implementing storage in a large banking environment.
Experience in enterprise storage technologies such as SAN and NAS etc.
Good working knowledge of enterprise backup technologies.
Working knowledge of z Series and i Series Operating systems.

Assist in major projects that have a direct impact on the business such as large vendor solutions, Disaster Recoverability, Data Center move, or new storage equipment/solutions that roll onto the Data Center floor

Create and update documentation that is relevant and important to the day to day operations of Systems Storage, examples are renaming of servers, trend charting, growth and capacity charting
Experience in disaster recovery planning. Daily monitor and support Disaster Recovery solution. This involves keeping track of multiple mirrored volumes on- site and at the remote facility. Much preparation, documentation and storage knowledge is needed and used daily to facilitate a working Disaster Recovery solution.
Continually monitor storage activity by reporting, documentation, and general knowledge of day to day activities
Experience in various storage architecture solutions, software, hardware, and other storage products
Highly organized, with excellent prioritization, planning and time management skills

Good understanding of ITIL principles in storage and capacity management process


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